The Fastest Way To Manifest On-Demand: 1-ON-1 Imagination Engineering Sessions with Dan Fowler

coaching dan fowler imagination engineering manifest on-demand teaching May 22, 2018

I have opened up a select few spots for transformative 1-ON-1 Imagination Engineering sessions with me. Clients that have gone through it are activating their ideas quickly, and manifesting them powerfully and profitably into the world in record time. Watch the testimonial from singer/songwriter fiZ about his experience with Imagination Engineering.

I am very particular with whom I work. I want to make sure it is a right fit and you can achieve massive results in a very short period of time (sometimes hours). If I can't help you, I will point you into the direction of someone who can.

If you are looking for turbo-charged mentoring to take your business ideas to the place where they are actually profitable and continue to be so, PM me so we can set up an initial consult to see if my Imagination Engineering is right for you. Only those who wish to manifest on-demand in their business, relationships and life should inquire. This is the REAL DEAL. I don't hold back and my clients thank me for it  :)

If you feel you want the boost that will get you out of your funk and into a flow, click here and book an initial 30 minute FREE consultation with me to see if powerful this Imagination Engineering process is right for you: 


As always, be blessed and be a blessing.


Dan Fowler, The Imagination Engineer

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