What you Perceive, you Receive.

dan fowler imagination iq Dec 20, 2017

Happy Holidays!

In my twenties and thirties, I was NOT into Christmas or the holidays at all. The mere sight of a Santa Claus induced an urge to vomit or throw that Santa through a plate glass window. I'm not kidding. I had an extreme visceral reaction to the "lies" of holiday season. 

Over time I realized that my reactions were not to the fantasies or the cute mythical stories, but to my own associations and connections I had as a kid in my parent's house during the holidays. In our house, Santa was basically Satan's brother (no joke) and if Satan was the "Father of Lies," Santa was definitely the "Uncle of Lies." Now, I understand that my parents, especially my Dad, were striving to never lie to their children about what really happens on Christmas Eve; but instead of simply explaining that there are these make-believe stories others tell, but in our family we decided not to tell them, my parents came to the conclusion that a frontal assault on those stories was the best course of action. When I look back on it now , I think, "Really?"

Over the last few years, with the help of my wife Amy, who ADORES Santa-EVERYTHING, I have been able to rewire my Mind, Body, and Soul regarding Christmas and the holidays... and yes, even Santa too! It started with Amy giving me permission to complete a Santa sleigh project that her Dad had begun years before and was never able to complete it before his premature passing. By finishing the project, I brought her Dad's energy back a bit, and healed me a bit too. Here is what sleigh looked like when I was done.

And now Santa sits in our living room every Christmas.

This goes to show that with the right support, the right conditions and environment, and the willingness to be open to receiving MORE in your life... ANYTHING and ANYONE... even you, can powerfully and positively TRANSFORM.

THIS... is the kind of potent magic my attendees at Imagination IQ experience on a regular basis. Massive Transformation IN THE MOMENT in a safe, sacred, and empowering container that we call an Epic Event Experience.

And you can experience this too:  Imagination IQ Epic Event Experience: May 18-20, 2018 Friday, 8:00 AM until Sunday, 7:00 PM in Denver CO. We'll be at the DoubleTree Hotel DTC right in the heart of the action.

I invite you to explore the magical possibilities with us in Denver. VIP TICKETS are only $397 for all 3 days. This includes lunches all 3 days, special private trainings with me, surprise perks, and you are put into a drawing for one of my famous Dream Seat laser coaching sessions that happens at the event!

** Get easy access to me and my team of Imagination Engineers. Pick our brains. Learn our insider wisdom.

Imagination IQ is set in an intimate environment so you can get to know the Imagination IQ team and your fellow attendees better.

Imagination IQ caters the best to these 3 types of people:


 And to continue my expansion into LOVING the holidays and embracing the icon of Santa Claus, I want to offer you a special GIFT.

So, here it is... When you jump on board and get your VIP Experience ticket, you will also receive a limited Digital Banner Ad that will be playing in our vendor area during the Imagination IQ event. Your business, your information, your website... your lead generator... at MY event! Plus, you will also receive a half-page FULL COLOR ad in our workbook that ALL attendees receive and take home with them. Two awesome add-ons for joining us as a VIP in Denver.


VIP Experience, not your thing? No problem! You can still join us with a General Admission Ticket that gets you into all of our sessions with our great speakers, interactive idea engineering with Dan Fowler AND access to all of our awesome vendors and sponsors throughout the event.

Easy and Effortless are a few things you will feel as you create and explore new possibilities at Imagination IQ.  We pride ourselves in standing up for our core themes below:


VIPs will be having an awesome SPECIAL SESSION that will help you activate your MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME! This will be SO FUN!

If you feel this is up your alley... take the next inspired step & register today:


I look forward to seeing and experiencing YOU there! I wish you and yours a happy holiday season and prosperous New Year!

Dan Fowler - The Imagination Engineer

The Imagination Institute, Inc. and Imagination IQ

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