A Story, Within A Story... Within A Story

7 pillars dan fowler events imaginationiq marketing story Nov 20, 2017

The movie Inception is one of my favorites. I don't usually buy DVDs, but for this movie, I bought the special edition BluRay.

If you have never seen it... check it out. They play with the concept of a "dream within a dream... within a dream." Or as I put it, "a story within a story, within a story." A high level idea for sure, but very applicable in the "real world."

You may hear a lot of "gurus" out there talk about sharing "Your Story" to your prospects and clients. They teach how to do it effectively, how to engage audiences, and how to sell using your story. And from what I can see, what is being taught is accurate, however it is also INCOMPLETE.

When we focus only on our story, the relationships we build become lopsided. This is true in business, relationships, and life in general. Your story is only one third of the formula to craft the PERFECT STORY for your business, relationships and life.

There are actually THREE STORIES that MUST be addressed in ANY communion with another person. Want to know what they are? Here you go:




People DO NOT transform in simply because of YOUR STORY. They must relate it to THEIR STORY, and then the metamorphosis between BOTH stories becomes something totally brand new for both parties, whether or not you personally know about their transformation.

When we forget that there are two other key components to the PERFECT STORY in business, relationships and life, we cheapen the process and don't allow it to mature to the level it can.

Learn more about the 7 Pillars here: https://www.theimaginationinstitute.com/store/oB22AMQG


Dan Fowler - The Imagination Engineer

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