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It's about that time...

What time you may ask? Well, it's time for me to send this email broadcast to you and thousands of others like you. Why? Because my latest project, IMAGINE THE GOOD LIFE interactive documentary, is causing waves, redefining the norms and exploring the notion that the "good life" is there for the taking, no matter who you are or where you have come from.

I am creating something that DOES NOT EXIST, so sometimes it is difficult to explain it so others can relate. But you're smart, and I think you'll be able to put the pieces together with me. Because, Imagination IS the operating system of the Universe, right?

There is WAY TOO MUCH going on with this project to be able to share all of it here in an email, but you can get an in depth preview of the action here:, so I have created a Virtual Round Table Discussion where you can join in the conversation and find out what this project really is, how it can affect your life and business, and see behind the scenes of our Membership Community Model that will knock your socks off!


Imagine a REAL online community. Not some hierarchical Facebook group where the host has an AGENDA and they insist that you DRINK THE GURU KOOL-AID to become "successful like them." That is NOT a real community. A true community has ROLE PLAYERS... every single member is a role player who contributes in a unique and relevant way to the community needs.

The odds are good that you probably have never experienced a REAL ONLINE COMMUNITY or even know what one looks like, because they are SO RARE.

Hierarchies work for so-called experts, thought leaders and gurus because they all have agendas that they wish to disseminate to their followers. Nothing inherently wrong or bad about this method, but for those people to call what they are doing a community, well, I take issue with that. Why? Because members or those groups only get benefit from the host when the host decides it's time to "give them a snack" and then try to convince them that what they have to offer is worth the $$$ they are asking. That's fine... but it is far from being a community, so let's stop calling them that, OK?

That's why I LOVE GAMIFICATION and CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH models. They give people the choice on how they engage, when they engage or if they engage at all WITHOUT REPRISAL! You know what I am talking about. You have probably heard something like, "If you aren't active in this group, you will be removed." How can you expect someone to be "active in a group" when cues for this action are typically ONLY GIVEN BY THE HOST and their minions. That is a hierarchy, my friends. And unfortunately, 98% of Facebook groups and Linkedin groups fall into this category. But not IMAGINE THE GOOD LIFE...

The IMAGINE THE GOOD LIFE Community is a TRUE community of like-minded people looking to create and do extraordinary things in their businesses, relationships and life. And members understand that they can't achieve the good life without the help, support and love of OTHERS along the way.

Want to find out what a REAL, TRUE COMMUNITY looks like? Want to have access to resources, people, opportunities and creative dreamstorming that is fueled by our own INTERNAL CURRENCY called IMAGINE BUCKS?

Then I invite you again to join us for our Virtual Round Table discussion on September 4th at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern via Zoom. Click the link below and register for this FREE gathering to find out more and have your questions answered live with me and my community manager, Chris Cooley.

All of your questions will be answered. All secrets will be revealed.


I look forward to spending some quality time with you.

Dan Fowler - The Imagination Engineer

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