Retake the lead character in your life

rewrite your story Mar 28, 2021

Are you playing an EXTRA or the MAIN CHARACTER in YOUR LIFE? 

What do I mean by that? 

YOU write your story. You choose what role you play in that story. Everyone is born with a divine birthright, and so many people forget, deny, or give away their birthright. When this happens you step out the main character role in your life and settle to be a side character or an extra. I’m calling you to reclaim your divine birthright and stake your claim as firstborn of the universe. 

Do these sound like you: 

  1. You don’t believe that “happily ever after…” is in the cards for you. 
  2. It’s only a matter of time before everything blows up in your life. 
  3. Things happen TO you instead of FOR you. 
  4. Some people seem like they are born to shine. Other people. You are not so lucky. 
  5. You try to form a “bubble” around yourself keeping out the bad and keeping in the good. 
  6. You feel like you have no control over how your life turns out. 
  7. You feel lost, unmotivated, or frustrated with what life has dealt you. 
  8. Your dreams only live in some distant fantasy. 
  9. Your imagination is rusty or even non-existent. 

If any of these are familiar, or you see them recurring it’s a good sign that you are playing an EXTRA in your own life. It’s time to take center stage, my friend. 

You may be wondering: “Okay, Dan… but how do I do that?!” 

Not to worry, I have just the thing that can help. I gave a talk about this subject. It’s all about how to become the MAIN CHARACTER in YOUR LIFE and rewrite your story. And for a limited time, you have the opportunity to receive this " Rewrite Your Story, Reshape Your Life" talk as my gift to you. Click the link below to sign up and you will get instant access to this talk for free. This 45-minute talk will help you discover how to reclaim your BIRTHRIGHT and once again, become the main character in your story.  


 Don't you think it’s time to leave the side-character roles behind?

Click here to get receive this free video.


Be blessed and be a blessing,

Dan Fowler- The Imagination Engineer

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