The Myth of Positive Thinking

dan fowler imaginationiq loa positive thinking Nov 21, 2017

I hear all the time that we need to ONLY focus on the POSITIVE to get the life that we want. This is one of the biggest lies I think I have ever been told. Don't get me wrong, focusing on the positive is great, but many would tell you to IGNORE the NEGATIVE entirely.

There is some truth to "like attracts like" however, I have found that this principle rarely applies to the PHYSICS or ENERGETICS of things.

Objects can be positively charged, negatively charged or neutral (no charge). A substance that gains electrons becomes negatively charged, while a substance that loses electrons becomes positively charged. Atoms or molecules that become charged (positively or negatively) are ions. If one is charged and the other is not - they attract.

So... the negative charge in me, attracts the positive charge in you, and vise versa. And in a system, like an atom or a human body, there are negatively and positively charged objects attracting and working together to make what we call a physical existence.

I have decided that for me, negative people or situations are NOT some virus or disease that I need to quarantine myself from, but on the contrary, I need to be reminded of that point of view from time to time - for perspective - and catch myself from being swept up in the "think positive" movement, thus losing the forest for the trees.

And on the flip side, those situations need my presence as well.

Two different energy signatures - Same situation. Is one RIGHT or WRONG? I say NO. Both reactions serve the individual in a unique way and are based on the perspective and capacity of the individual at that given time.

Just because something is NEGATIVELY charged does not mean we should run for hills or hide behind our totems of crystal and burning sage. I say embrace it. It's attracted to you because of YOUR POSITIVELY CHARGE energy.

By closing the door and passing the buck, you actually become the very thing you seek to run from.

*** And if you say "I can't handle negativity because I am "sensitive." All you are really saying is, "I'm scared out of my mind that my energy training and divine protection rhetoric DOESN'T REALLY WORK and in order to not look like a fool, I have to shun these negatively charged objects so I don't get contaminated."

Friends, if you call yourself a Lightworker... GO WHERE THE DARKNESS is. That's kind of the point, right?

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