You Don't (Automatically) Deserve...Anything

business dan fowler deserve entitlement imagination manifesting May 27, 2017

There is a common notion that has been floating around and it starts with these two words: I DESERVE....

"I deserve to make a lot of money." "I deserve to have a partner that loves and honors me." "I deserve to have the best things in life." And the list could go on and on.

Unfortunately, this notion is A LIE. A lie that has been amplified throughout the personal development circles and beyond as a way to persuade people into thinking that they instantly "deserve" XYZ just because they are able to fog a mirror. Again, this is another example of how words, and the meaning of words have been warped to suit an agenda that only serves an elite few, and most definitely does not serve the masses.

DESERVE comes from -de- which means "completely" and -servire- from which we derive the word serve. To deserve something means it has a built in condition. There must be merit associated with it or it is a lopsided equation. If I don't show up to work on time every day, do I deserve a promotion? Of course not. If I am an asshole to my partner or don't ever listen to their needs, but expect them to fall over backwards for me, do I deserve to have a loving and loyal mate? Again, absolutely not. Deserving takes conditions to tango.

Deserving something is a mutual energetic contract. You must EARN that which you DESERVE. You must bring merit to the equation if you expect to be deserving of that which you seek. Does this diminish your intrinsic WORTH? Hell no! But worth must be applied, processed and made available as a resource for others.

No wonder we live in a world of political correctness and being afraid to offend anyone. It's because we have been sold the LIE that somehow, just because we breathe and take up space on this planet that we DESERVE to have the best of the best, respected for doing nothing, and that no one can disagree with us because "we deserve better than that." I call BS.

The faster you realize that YOU DON'T DESERVE... anything, the quicker you will step into GRACE, EASE and SPEED in all of your endeavors.

Try it out for a month and see how your universe treats you differently... and watch your deserve-o-meter spike!

Dan Fowler, The Imagination Engineer

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