The rumors of my demise have been sorely exaggerated

It’s been a while, everyone.

The past couple of years has been full of adventure, and I wanted to take this opportunity to reconnect and fill you in.

  1. On December 2017 I had what the doctors referred to as a massive heart attack-- I don’t really see it that way. My heart wasn’t attacking me, it was a heart adventure. I had two stents put in and through it all, the doctor was surprised that I was so calm and not experiencing the pain that patients normally did when they experienced the same type of heart attack. Through this heart adventure, I hadn't passed out and kept commenting on how calm I was.
  2. In May 2018 I hosted Imagination IQ in Denver Colorado and announced my new project: a choose-your-own-adventure style documentary called Imagine The Good Life.
  3. In October 2018 was another health adventure. I woke up at 4 am to prop myself up on my left side. My arm gave out and BOOM! rolled right into the floor. I tried to get up, and I couldn't use my left arm at all....
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