The rumors of my demise have been sorely exaggerated

It’s been a while, everyone.

The past couple of years has been full of adventure, and I wanted to take this opportunity to reconnect and fill you in.

  1. On December 2017 I had what the doctors referred to as a massive heart attack-- I don’t really see it that way. My heart wasn’t attacking me, it was a heart adventure. I had two stents put in and through it all, the doctor was surprised that I was so calm and not experiencing the pain that patients normally did when they experienced the same type of heart attack. Through this heart adventure, I hadn't passed out and kept commenting on how calm I was.
  2. In May 2018 I hosted Imagination IQ in Denver Colorado and announced my new project: a choose-your-own-adventure style documentary called Imagine The Good Life.
  3. In October 2018 was another health adventure. I woke up at 4 am to prop myself up on my left side. My arm gave out and BOOM! rolled right into the floor. I tried to get up, and I couldn't use my left arm at all....
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The Fastest Way To Manifest On-Demand: 1-ON-1 Imagination Engineering Sessions with Dan Fowler

I have opened up a select few spots for transformative 1-ON-1 Imagination Engineering sessions with me. Clients that have gone through it are activating their ideas quickly, and manifesting them powerfully and profitably into the world in record time. Watch the testimonial from singer/songwriter fiZ about his experience with Imagination Engineering.

I am very particular with whom I work. I want to make sure it is a right fit and you can achieve massive results in a very short period of time (sometimes hours). If I can't help you, I will point you into the direction of someone who can.

If you are looking for turbo-charged mentoring to take your business ideas to the place where they are actually profitable and continue to be so, PM me so we can set up an initial consult to see if my Imagination Engineering is right for you. Only those who wish to manifest on-demand in their business, relationships and life should inquire. This is the REAL DEAL. I don't hold back and my...

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What you Perceive, you Receive.

dan fowler imagination iq Dec 20, 2017

Happy Holidays!

In my twenties and thirties, I was NOT into Christmas or the holidays at all. The mere sight of a Santa Claus induced an urge to vomit or throw that Santa through a plate glass window. I'm not kidding. I had an extreme visceral reaction to the "lies" of holiday season. 

Over time I realized that my reactions were not to the fantasies or the cute mythical stories, but to my own associations and connections I had as a kid in my parent's house during the holidays. In our house, Santa was basically Satan's brother (no joke) and if Satan was the "Father of Lies," Santa was definitely the "Uncle of Lies." Now, I understand that my parents, especially my Dad, were striving to never lie to their children about what really happens on Christmas Eve; but instead of simply explaining that there are these make-believe stories others tell, but in our family we decided not to tell them, my parents came to the conclusion that a frontal assault on those...

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The Myth of Positive Thinking

I hear all the time that we need to ONLY focus on the POSITIVE to get the life that we want. This is one of the biggest lies I think I have ever been told. Don't get me wrong, focusing on the positive is great, but many would tell you to IGNORE the NEGATIVE entirely.

There is some truth to "like attracts like" however, I have found that this principle rarely applies to the PHYSICS or ENERGETICS of things.

Objects can be positively charged, negatively charged or neutral (no charge). A substance that gains electrons becomes negatively charged, while a substance that loses electrons becomes positively charged. Atoms or molecules that become charged (positively or negatively) are ions. If one is charged and the other is not - they attract.

So... the negative charge in me, attracts the positive charge in you, and vise versa. And in a system, like an atom or a human body, there are negatively and positively charged objects attracting and working together to make what we call a physical...

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A Story, Within A Story... Within A Story

The movie Inception is one of my favorites. I don't usually buy DVDs, but for this movie, I bought the special edition BluRay.

If you have never seen it... check it out. They play with the concept of a "dream within a dream... within a dream." Or as I put it, "a story within a story, within a story." A high level idea for sure, but very applicable in the "real world."

You may hear a lot of "gurus" out there talk about sharing "Your Story" to your prospects and clients. They teach how to do it effectively, how to engage audiences, and how to sell using your story. And from what I can see, what is being taught is accurate, however it is also INCOMPLETE.

When we focus only on our story, the relationships we build become lopsided. This is true in business, relationships, and life in general. Your story is only one third of the formula to craft the PERFECT STORY for your business, relationships and life.

There are actually THREE...

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Rewrite Your Story, Reshape Your Life

Hey everyone... I thought I would share this awesome letter that was sent out on my behalf. I am grateful and blessed to have people like this in my life. Enjoy and I hope to see you soon


I'd like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine (someone whom you probably already know) who has been extremely successful breaking the status quo, calling the personal development industry out on their BS and revolutionizing the way in which live event experiences are offered to business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

You know him as Dan Fowler, the founder of The Imagination Institute, Inc and Imagination IQ, and he'll be sharing his wisdom and out the box thinking with us on a powerful series of webinars designed to cut through the all the crap that the personal and business development industries try to cram down your throat and expect you to accept hook, line and sinker.

Get Registered Today

I've known Dan for quite some...

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You Don't (Automatically) Deserve...Anything

There is a common notion that has been floating around and it starts with these two words: I DESERVE....

"I deserve to make a lot of money." "I deserve to have a partner that loves and honors me." "I deserve to have the best things in life." And the list could go on and on.

Unfortunately, this notion is A LIE. A lie that has been amplified throughout the personal development circles and beyond as a way to persuade people into thinking that they instantly "deserve" XYZ just because they are able to fog a mirror. Again, this is another example of how words, and the meaning of words have been warped to suit an agenda that only serves an elite few, and most definitely does not serve the masses.

DESERVE comes from -de- which means "completely" and -servire- from which we derive the word serve. To deserve something means it has a built in condition. There must be merit associated with it or it is a lopsided equation. If I don't show up to work on time every day, do I deserve a...

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