The Bullet Journal: Your Secret Weapon for Excellent Time Management

goals journal lists Sep 08, 2021

 There are plenty of time-management and organization systems. But right now, there’s one organizational tool that’s very much “in vogue” and doing the rounds on Instagram and across productivity/self-improvement blogs. That tool is the bullet journal.

 The bullet journal is ideal for business professionals or anyone who just wants to make the most of their time.


What is a Bullet Journal?


A bullet journal is essentially a journal that you use to organize your to-do lists, as well as to keep other notes and a log of things that you’ve already done. You do this by using bulleted items, which is where the name comes from.


So, it’s just a book of lists then?


Well kind of, but it’s also a fair bit more attractive and useful than a book of lists. To better understand, consider the components of a typical bullet journal and how you might go about setting one up for yourself.


Sections of a Typical Bullet...

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Essential Strategies to Overcome Your 3-Day Monk Challenges

Essential Strategies to Overcome Your 3-Day Monk Challenges


The term ‘3-day monk’ has come to mean someone that gets obsessed with something in the short-term, but quickly loses interest. The object of our high-level of interest might be our new blog, learning an instrument or language, or some new hobby.


We genuinely have a lot of interest out of the gate, but yet get little accomplished. You can’t get in great shape by exercising for 5 days. You also can’t write a book or learn to speak Russian in a similar amount of time.


If you want to make meaningful progress with something, it’s important to show up every day. You don’t have to spend hours each day, but you need to put forth some effort on a consistent basis.


These ideas will make it easier to beat the 3-day monk challenge:


  1. Start with something you genuinely enjoy. These are voluntary activities, so choose something that you love to do. It’s far...
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