One Size Does Not Fit All

imaginethegoodlife May 26, 2019


Business Modeling in the coaching and entrepreneurial world.

We hear the term Business Modeling thrown around a lot lately and a lot of the time inaccurately.  I don't know about you, but I am pretty tired of hearing self-proclaimed gurus telling me or my clients that "their process is the ONLY process" or "follow my model to the letter and you will achieve the results I achieved." Whether it be arrogance or pure manipulative mind tweaking, it simply is not true.

This is one of the biggest lies that has permeated the business development and personal growth industries over the last 20+ years.  Many of these gurus point the finger at you and tell you that your inability to follow THEIR model is the sole reason you are unsuccessful and that the problem of your failure solely resides with you.  Really?  Do they really think this or is it a ploy to break you down so they can squeeze you for money?

This is not empowerment to me.  This looks a...

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It's about that time...

What time you may ask? Well, it's time for me to send this email broadcast to you and thousands of others like you. Why? Because my latest project, IMAGINE THE GOOD LIFE interactive documentary, is causing waves, redefining the norms and exploring the notion that the "good life" is there for the taking, no matter who you are or where you have come from.

I am creating something that DOES NOT EXIST, so sometimes it is difficult to explain it so others can relate. But you're smart, and I think you'll be able to put the pieces together with me. Because, Imagination IS the operating system of the Universe, right?

There is WAY TOO MUCH going on with this project to be able to share all of it here in an email, but you can get an in depth preview of the action here:, so I have created a Virtual Round Table Discussion where you can join in the conversation and find out what this...

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