The Bullet Journal: Your Secret Weapon for Excellent Time Management

goals journal lists Sep 08, 2021

 There are plenty of time-management and organization systems. But right now, there’s one organizational tool that’s very much “in vogue” and doing the rounds on Instagram and across productivity/self-improvement blogs. That tool is the bullet journal.

 The bullet journal is ideal for business professionals or anyone who just wants to make the most of their time.


What is a Bullet Journal?


A bullet journal is essentially a journal that you use to organize your to-do lists, as well as to keep other notes and a log of things that you’ve already done. You do this by using bulleted items, which is where the name comes from.


So, it’s just a book of lists then?


Well kind of, but it’s also a fair bit more attractive and useful than a book of lists. To better understand, consider the components of a typical bullet journal and how you might go about setting one up for yourself.


Sections of a Typical Bullet...

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