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Become the go-to resource in your industry for Gamification mechanics, production and implementation. From gamifying live events to understanding how to create a "choose your own adventure feel" in your marketing, the Gamification Mastery Program is your one stop shop for all things gamified online and off.

Become Certified In The Gamification Mastery Program

What You Will Be Able To DEVELOP

These are some of the key components to having a successful gamification strategy in your business or organization. Learn the science behind the art.

Potent Progressions

Gamification is about creating fun, yet purposeful cycles of engagement and learning that constantly recharge the "playing field." This process is what excites players to keep coming back for more.

Universal Translator

People learn in different ways  based on genetics and their preconditioned view of the world. Gamification has the power to remove the barriers of understanding, no matter what the content is.

Self Selection

This is otherwise known as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" matrix. This simple, yet powerful technique will revolutionize the way your players connect with you and your message.

The Right Model

There are many types and styles of Gamification. You will learn them all and find the ones that work best for you in your business and with your clients. You will even learn how to mix and match them!

What You Will Be Able To DESIGN

From funnels to pipelines to interactive and gamified live video and events, learning how to design the perfect platform for your content can be found here.

Slick Scripting

Slick gamified scripting of your video content, webinars, in-person trainings and online courses is a must have to capture the hearts and minds of your clients and prospects. You will learn what to create for your type of product and be supported by templates, demos, prefab scripts and technical support.

Blockbuster Videos

Video can be one of the scariest things to overcome, but we will guide you through our proven process that will make you look and feel like a Hollywood star, and have the results to prove it. We will take you step by step through what we call: Blockbuster Videos on a Shoestring Budget. You will see how easy it can be.

Gamified Events

Live events, whether corporate or entrepreneurial, don't have to be boring! Most of these live events only utilize three modalities of learning: Seeing, Reading, and Hearing Words. This is why we're exhausted at the end of these things! This section will take you through the process of designing your own gamified live event.

Online Education

Whether you plan to produce webinars, evergreen content, online assessments, serial classes, or online coursework, this module has what you are looking for. You will be taught the inner dynamics of creating matrix flows (choose-your-own-adventure funnels) in your courses and products to fully engage your users.

What You Will Able To DELIVER

Implementation is one of the BIG things left out by most certification programs. But not here! Our 25+ years in the interactive media production fields gives us an edge on helping you craft the perfect platform to deliver your gamified content with ease.

Gamified Marketing

Campaigns to one-off emails all can be gamified. We will teach you the concepts on how to generate massive brand loyalty through gamified marketing intakes and sales processes.

Profitable Courses

So why gamification? Simply, your engagement will go up and, at the same time, so will your profits. Your online courses will have a feel that makes people drool for them.

Event Experiences

When you complete the certification training, you will be able to produce an Epic Event Experience that is gamified inside and out, and marketed with a gamified approach.

Play It Forward

As a Certified Gamification Mastery graduate, you will have the ability to teach this process to others and profit from designing courses and products for your clients.


Take the next step and become certified in the only program available that takes you from NOVICE to MASTER in a few short months.


Game Dynamics in Action

Our entire curriculum centers around the 5 Step Gamified Progression Protocol. You will become intimately familiar with these 5 steps and apply them to your gamification architecture.


Delivering Good Content Through Great Context

Content is NOT king. Context is. The way in which you deliver content is MORE important than what the content is. Gamification allows you to generate environments where retention of information is maximized in your marketing and education elements.


Become A Gamification Instructional Designer

Learn the ins and outs of instructional design and supercharge it through the modality of gamification. We will walk you through the levels that you will need to master in order to craft the perfect marketing and educational system.


License The Gamification Mastery Program Resources

You will have access to all of the Imagination Institute's proprietary material. These include: scripts, templates, online auxiliary training and one-to-one gamification architecture advice so you can build your online and offline profitable gamified empire.


Apply Your New Knowledge To Your Craft & Industry

With the Gamification Mastery Program, you will be able to teach others what you have learned and use your new found knowledge to craft better courses, build higher end membership programs and engage your community in live events like never before.


It's up to you now! Become certified in the one program that not only shows you theory, but also how to apply that information to your organization... In real time!

“Gamification is all about creating CONTEXT from which you can deliver your CONTENT in a fun, easy and profitable way.”
— Dan Fowler, The Imagination Engineer & Gamification Expert

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