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Welcome Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Artists, Creatives, Healers, Coaches, and Business Professionals who are looking for RAPID EXPANSION!

Give Us 3 Days and We Will Help You Release the #1 Thing That Holds You Back Financially, so you can profit BIG and Engineer your Imagination in your business, relationships and life THIS YEAR!

A full sensory, co-creative gathering that will transform you and your business from the inside out!

Meet the Imagination IQ Education Team

Dan Fowler

The Imagination Engineer

Main Stage Presenters

Shawnrey Notto

Embodiment Specialist

Celeste O'Brien

Co-Founder of Symmetry Massage

Kate Brown

The Lucrative Lightworker

VIP Group Speakers

Amanda Metzger

The Fix It Queen

Starr Sheppard-Decker

Founder of Flow & Grow Collective

Mark Goddard

Merchant processing for entrepreneurs

Ann Ludington






Imagination IQ Ticket Options

General Admission


Top features

  • Full Color Event Workbook
  • 3 Full Days of In Depth Imagination Engineering Education
  • Door Prize Drawings
  • Live Music performed by fiZ
  • Fun and Interactive Space for Deep Learning
  • Magic and wonder delivered by Mysto the Magi
  • Many Chances to Win Valuable Products, Games and Courses
  • 50 IIQ Bucks to use "AS CASH" at the event

VIP Experience


Most Popular

  • Everything in General Admission Plus...
  • Breakfast and Lunch Provided All 3 Days 
  • Meal Time Special Speakers
  • Exclusive VIP Only Deep Dive Manifest On-Demand Dinner Session with Dan Fowler
  • 100 IIQ Bucks to use "AS CASH" at the event

Live Stream Experience


If You Can't come In Person

  • All Main Stage sessions streamed as they happen.
  • Ability to ask questions and make comments during presentations.
  • Partake in the event Auction.
  • 25 IIQ Bucks

All The Tools You Need To Access Abundance On-Demand

Imagination IQ is beyond a mere Event.  It is an Immersive Experience.  Why?  Because humans DO NOT LEARN by sitting in a chair and listening to lectures all day long!  Ridiculous!  This experience is a blend of teaching, experimenting, connecting and trying out what you have learned in a SAFE and SECURE environment that allows you to PLAY WITHOUT RISK! 

No other event can claim OR offer that!

After the last 2 years, we believe that people are starving for good, clean, live, fun entertainment.  We have always believed that Vaudeville provided the foundation for that fun.  The ever-changing show format allows for members of our circus and entertainment community to show off their talents to a receptive crowd.  Bringing safe, clean, magical entertainment to all people is our mission to make this world a little better place to live.

The Mysto Really Big Magic Show! has been in existence for 10 years, performing at theaters, performing Art Centers, Fairs and Festivals, and casino's throughout Colorado and the surrounding states. Mysto the Magi takes you on a vaudeville journey with little play-lets, mystery, secrets messages, and group participation.  The thing most people say upon leaving this show is "THAT WAS FUN!"  

See Mysto the Magi at Imagination IQ

A Step By Step Guide To Extract Your Ideas And Engineer Them Powerfully And Profitably Into The World

Don't let your great ideas and inspiration die on the vine! The Universe gave you that idea for a REASON and now it's time to manifest it physically into reality. You will learn and actively practice the 6 Steps to Manifest On-Demand for your Business, Relationships and Life during Imagination IQ.

Happy Imagination IQ Attendees






IIQ Alumni: 



This past weekend I was privileged to spend time at Imagination IQ. Brainchild of Dan Fowler. Such a fun environment definitely opened me up to learn more, faster. Rapid downloads, laughter, much bubbles, live music and yes I loved my yellow brain. I met so many incredible brothers and sisters on the path to more Imagination & creative exploration and less cookie cutter dullness of the usual. Highly recommended. At least once in your lifetime you must visit a playground of Imagination IQ. You will laugh, dance & be delighted by the Sacred wonder of it all.

IIQ Alumni: 



Most people go to public speaking events to get information to further themselves in some way. Imagination IQ is so much more than the mainstream speaking engagement because it is complete life experience with information delivered in the most creative way possible. It's multi-sensory, colorful, magical, and completely non-conformist. Information retention is vastly higher that sitting in hard chairs listening to even the best of speakers, you leave the event with the sense of, "Wow! I just had a major, memorable, life-changing experience! DO IT! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!






Imagination IQ  Marketing Opportunities

Vendor Experience


Only 12 Available

  • 6 Foot Vendor Table in our Exhibit Hall (8 Foot Area)
  • Introduced from Stage and Given a 2 Minute Intro
  • Logo Included on our Vendor Page in the Event Workbook
  • Includes One General Admission Ticket
  • Digital Banner Ad in Main Room

2 Digital Banner Ads + Full Page Print Ad


Only 24 Available

  • Playing in Main Room Throughout the Event
  • BONUSPromo Flyer in Swag Bag

Full Page Print Ad in Event Workbook


Only 12 Available

  • Full Color 8.5 x 11 Print Ad in the Event Workbook
  • Promo Flyer in Swag

Half Page Print Ad in Event Workbook


Only 12 Available

  • Full Color 5.5 x 8.5 Print Ad in Event Workbook
  • Promo Flyer in Swag Bag

1 Digital Banner Ad (Main Hall)


Only 24 Available

  • Playing in Main Room Throughout the Event
  • BONUS: Promo Flyer in Swag Bag

Past Imagination IQ Experiences

Imagination IQ Speaking Opportunities

30 Minute VIP Lunch OR Breakfast Talk+


Only 2 Left

  • 30 minutes to speak to our VIP attendees
  • Introduced from Stage and given a 2 Minute Intro
  • Logo & Website URL included on our Speaker Page in the Event Workbook
  • Includes One VIP Ticket with Breakfasts & Lunches included
  • Digital Banner Ad in Main Room

75 Minute Main Stage Talk+


Only 1 Available

  • 75 minutes to speak to ALL attendees on the main stage.
  • Half Page Ad in the Event Workbook.
  • Includes One VIP Ticket with Breakfasts & Lunches included.
  • Digital Banner Ad in Main Room.
  • Vendor Table in Exhibition Room.

Imagination IQ Special Live Music Guest

At seven, when most children are jumping around on playgrounds and watching cartoons, Singer-Songwriter fiZ could be found in a rocking chair, eyes closed, listening to Beatles albums for hours on end. “I used to have visions while listening to those albums of being this rock star and healing people,” says fiZ. “I have always associated rock and roll with healing the world and playing a part of it. It was never separate. It was always connected.”
Music has been around fiZ since birth. Having a stepfather that co-founded ’50s Doo-wop group, The Charades, music was as natural for fiZ as breathing. “I was always around all these great singers because of my stepfather,” recalls the singer. “The first time I ever heard them live was a magical moment. I was blown away.” As he grew, the prolific songwriter would pick up the guitar, keyboard, and mandolin and at age 12, wrote the first of an estimated 1,000 songs. Absorbing everything from Motown to Rod Stewart to Led Zeppelin, music became a familiar escape; a fantastical world where fiZ could tune out any problems in his life and just enjoy.
After recording and self-producing two albums, 2000s Transcending and 2004s Right Where You Are, fiZ brought in former Wings drummer Steve Holly and veteran producer Bob Stander to collaborate on the new album. Stander, who comes to the album with more than 350 studio credits in a decades-long career, bolstered fiZ’s natural gift for songwriting, a combination of stream-of-consciousness lyrics and songs based on self-imposed writing exercises.

Do any of these sound familiar?

"I don't have enough experience YET to start my business or step into my dream."

"I need lot's of MONEY FIRST before I can develop my idea into a tangible business." "I feel like I am plateauing. I want to LEVEL UP in my business and life, but I feel stuck."

"In order for me to achieve what I REALLY want in life, I am going to have to work really HARD at all things I HATE doing.

If ANY of these resonate, you should join us for