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Dan's Decrees

Who gives you 29 weeks of educational content WITHOUT REQUIRING YOU TO PAY FOR IT? Yep, that's right... Dan Fowler and The Imagination Institute does! You are about to embark on a year adventure with Dan's Decrees that will uplift your spirit, feed your soul, and help your create flow in your business, relationships and life!

See what people are saying about Dan Fowler!

Dan's work ethic is second-to-none. He wants his clients happy. Period. And made sure I was throughout our entire project. He delivered on time and within budget even though there was a change of course on my part. I would highly recommend Dan and his team regardless of the project. He's just that good.

Kelly Lucente - Retool Branding

Dan is extremely detail oriented, very professional and always positive. The greatest thing about Dan is that not only does he have amazing ideas’ but he has a way of pulling those ideas out of your head. He really cares about his clients and continues his own growth to help others in the same way. I recommend his service to anyone looking for a talent beyond words!

Stacey Marshall - Verizon Wireless

My personal experience with Dan was brief yet very powerful. Many people offer coaching or healing services, and then proceed to analyze to discover “what’s wrong” with their client. Have you ever heard the expression, “You find what you’re looking for”? This is where Dan truly stands taller than the rest, not only in his physical stature, but in his vision as well. Dan demonstrated to me, an amazing ability to be still and fully present with me, and in the power of that presence, he observed the Truth in me; he saw the Highest in me, and awakened me from my sleep walking. He helped me to remember what I had forgotten. He looks for the divine sparks, the unique gifts that each of us carry within, yet sometimes hide from even our very own selves. Through the presence of Dan, in his state as a conscious observer, our inner diamond rises up for us to feel and witness. Then with love and encouragement, Dan inspires and ignites us with passion to bring it to full power and expression. What each of us chooses to do from that point depends on our own actions. But to be fully seen, in our power and beauty is a rare gift. In my 30 minutes alone with Dan, I remembered and recommitted to my deepest desires, and my truer purpose. I say truer because there is a surface level of our selves, which is needed to get us through the simple responsibilities of each day. It is true, but it is not the whole, ‘Truest’ self. There is a deeper level of being that speaks to our greater purpose for living. This aspect is so beautiful, brilliant and special, our awareness of it is not easily maintained continuously. Just to glimpse it is a gift. I shared such a moment because of Dan.

Sherri Fuller - Operations Officer for a Cancer Clinic