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The Imagination Institute is designed to provide easy access to programs, workshops and forums that will help you tap into your imagination, and engineer it powerfully and profitably into the world. We are called to provide education, coaching, personal and spiritual development to you in a different way than you have ever experienced. Content is not king...context is king. We believe that how you learn is more important that what you learn. We are here to "shake your tree" and help you yield the fruit of your labors without guilt selling you, pitching to you or talking you into programs and activities that are not of the highest and best service to you.

Here are the Imagination Institute, you will relearn the meaning of the word IMAGINATION and be able to apply universal principles to ENGINEER that imagination powerfully and profitably into the world.


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We are not thought leaders... we are thought PROVOKERS.

Let's stir the pot together!

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