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A Board Game That Can Change Your World

This game is an opportunity for you to tap into your IMAGINATION and your IQ at the SAME TIME! Maximum results come when you can combine BOTH hemispheres of the brain so they work in tandem, not toggling back and forth between creative ideas and analytical tasks.

We believe that board games that promote domination, manipulation, or dog eat dog mentalities are not a productive use of a board game so we have developed a game that is based on individual merit and cooperative efforts combined. We don't go through life isolated from others, nor do our successes come solely from us. The Imagination IQ Board Game is unique in the fact that in order to "win" the game, you must be able to work with others, talk things out, and become better as a unit than you would be by yourself.

This game, particularly the game board, is a portal for your mind to see yourself as the BEST possible version of YOU. Our hope is that after seeing what if possible and having it echoed back to you from other game players, you will use that feeling to manifest your ideal "real life" and share the wisdom you have gained with others.

We invite you to play the Imagination IQ Board Game and tell us what you think!



Calvin Witcher

Calvin shares how the energy of the Imagination IQ Board Game caused him to change his strategy and gave him a new outlook on what "competition" truly means. Not only did he become aware of his natural tendancies, but he was able to make real time adjustments.

Mary Moore

Mary found that when the Imagination IQ Board Game called for players to collaborate together for a common goal, the results were awesomely surprising! She had fun hearing ideas and solutions to problems that she had never thought about.


Shelley Bruce

Shelley discovers how playing the Imagination IQ Board Game help her realize her untapped power of patience and how she can apply that to her life. She normally is adventurous, but she learned the lesson of waiting, and cashing in later!

More Than Just A Board Game

This board game goes beyond the typical "fun and games" and peers deeply into your soul and how you show up in the world.

Dynamic Game Play

Every time you play the Imagination IQ Board Game is different. You will expand your awareness of who you are and how you can change your world, one game move at a time.

Powerful Archetypes

Ever dream about being a character in a game? Love to role play as the fantasy version of yourself? In the Imagination IQ Board Game, you get to become a powerful archetype.

The Game of Business

Our game sponsors can insert THEIR business offers into OUR game. Watch how people who take advantage of your opportunity in the game, become your REAL clients too.

Powered By The Merkabah Cube

By using sacred geometry, the Imagination IQ Board Game harnesses the energy you bring to the table to play. This board is an energy amplifier. What you bring to it gets magnified 12-fold! Had a bad day? If you bring that energy to the board, you will amplify that feeling. The board is designed to optimize you IMAGINATION and your IQ and the game board is the first portal to getting there.

Power Pad

As in life, the game's power pad tracks the power levels of each of the six steps to Manifest On-Demand. Power levels can go up and they can also go down. How you use your power points determines the kinds of opportunities you can take advantage of in the game. Low power = mediore opportunities. High power = elite opportunities. How you manage this process will determine the outcome you manifest.

6 Manifesting Steps - 6 Card Decks

To enhance your Imagination IQ and active your Manifest On-Demand powers, you need to engage the 6 Steps to Manifest On-Demand. There is a deck of cards that corresponds to each of the 6 Steps and you draw that particular card based on the colored space you land on during your turn. When you draw a card from a specific deck, you have the chance to increase your power points in that particular power level...or in some cases you might even lose power points in that power level. It's up to the card and how you engage it.

Role Playing With Archetypes

Each player gets to "become" a game archetype as they play. The archetype you draw will determine your power level starting point and how you can interact with other players when certain special cards are drawn from the decks.  All the archetypes are based on REAL people and situations and thus, the energy behind the archetype cards is very strong, making you feel like you are "channeling" someone else.

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