Imagination IQ Board Game

This game, particularly the game board, is a portal for your mind to see yourself as the BEST possible version of YOU. Our hope is that after seeing what if possible and having it echoed back to you from other game players, you will use that feeling to manifest your ideal "real life" and share the wisdom you have gained with others.

We invite you to play the Imagination IQ Board Game and tell us what you think!

Inspired by the Imagination IQ live event, the team has developed a board game that will blow your mind!

This game is an opportunity for you to tap into your IMAGINATION and your IQ at the SAME TIME! Maximum results come when you can combine BOTH hemispheres of the brain so they work in tandem, not toggling back and forth between creative ideas and analytical tasks.

We believe that board games that promote domination, manipulation, or dog eat dog mentalities are not a productive use of a board game so we have developed a game that is based on individual merit and cooperative efforts combined. We don't go through life isolated from others, nor do our successes come solely from us. The Imagination IQ Board Game is unique in the fact that in order to "win" the game, you must be able to work with others, talk things out, and become better as a unit than you would be by yourself.

Receive a General Admission Ticket to Imagination IQ in-person event when you purchase the Imagination IQ Board Game!

*Games are Printed On-Demand and ship 4-6 weeks after purchase, but you will have instant access to your Imagination IQ event ticket.