Professional Logo Design

Your logo is one of the first things people see when they view your business online, in print or in person.

We believe that a logo should reflect the essence of the company AND the owner, not just be cute or colorful for the sake of art. 

Art + Business Soul = Purposeful Promotion, and that is what a logo is designed to do.

Each logo we design is handcrafted from the ground up, taking into consideration the needs, wants and hopes of our clients as we create an icon that will represent your business.

A single logo design is $450 and includes up to 3 drafts and adjustments, however, buying a logo pack of three logos at the same time is only $950 (Almost like Buy 2, get 1 Free)

Our money back guarantee is that if we cannot get your logo to be PERFECT and you absolutely love it with 3 drafts, we will refund your money! No hassle. No fuss.


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