7 Pillars of the Perfect Story - Lead prospects to an emotional buying decision

Your STORY is what attracts clients

Having video and audio on your website is great, but is your message clear? Do your potential clients really know who your are and how you and your service can change their lives? Are your telling the the whole STORY?

Red River Productions can help you filter out the noise and help align your media content with your core business story that comes from a deep understanding of who you want to attract and how you need to communicate with them in your market space.


  • Content Archiving and Organization: We will take the copy you already have and make it come alive with your MESSAGE and IDENTITY driven home. We will help you organize and create a system of content development and distribution that will be highly automated.
  • Aggressive, but encouraging accountability to stay on track, finish homework assignments, and level up to the next pillars within the times allotted.
  • Digging deep to pull out your perfect story
  • Carving out the 7 Pillars and crafting the internal elements that build the characters of your perfect business story
  • Worksheets for weekly homework to pull out the core elements of your story that may be hidden or dormant
  • Templates that will guide you through your perfect story work so you can transform your story into ANY modality (Video, Email, Presentations, Articles, Web Copy, etc.)
  • Complete access to me personally for questions, brainstorming, and idea bouncing.

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