Imagine The Good Life Membership Options

Two easy access membership options for those looking for REAL relationships within a REAL community.

Option One: $12 per month

  • Instant 500 Imagine Bucks at registration
  • Automatic 120 Imagine Bucks for every active membership month
  • Instant access to behind the scenes footage, secondary interviews, content easter eggs and a robust online community portal
  • Your name in the credits as part of the Crew
  • Access to our monthly Imagine The Good Life DreamStorming Session
  • Connected to other community members who are looking to work with someone like you

Option Two: $1200 Lifetime Membership

  • An additional 1,000 Imagine Bucks at registration
  • Bonus 10,000 Imagine Bucks giving you the status of Imagination Engineer
  • First dibs on documentary interview spots
  • Your name in the credits as an Executive Producer
  • Higher dollar to point ratio than the month to month membership
  • Become an honorary member of the film and production crew

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