~ The Art of Becoming an Imagination Engineer ~


1-ON-1 Manifesting and Imagination Mentorship Journey

With Dan Fowler, the Imagination Engineer

Are you longing to maintain your thriving practice and also play like a child at the same time – but you feel hesitancy or doubt to claim your birthright?
As a visionary creator, people admire you for your feats of WONDER, your INSIGHT, and deeply refined MISSION.
Yet on this peak, you seemingly stand solo.
You understand that personal and creative support in your life is the key to catapulting to the next indicated step in your life.
But at this level of mastery…

Where can you find a trusted creative advisor who, like a mirror, can reflect to you, the fullness of your esteemed position?

Every day, your heart begs for authentic expression, creative freedom, and of course… immutable inner peace.

As life thins you out in every direction, you cannot deny your legendary project any longer. Your creative spirit refuses to sit as a passenger for yet another trip around the sun.

I understand you because I, Dan Fowler, am traveling a similar path. I have seen many moons of frustration, blocks, and setbacks.  I am no stranger to the longing you too also feel.  Fortunately, I have been given insight into my universal birthright that has revolutionized the path I am taking as a visionary creator. For over 15 years, I have been walking this new, expansive trail; lighting the way for others like me to help them find their way.

My private clients come to me from all walks of life, across many industries, and from several continents. Your unique mentoring path with me may be to…

Break distractions to misaligned adventures, fully embody your BRILLIANCE, and emerge as a new breed of co-creator with life.

That’s why you, a visionary creator, are invited to apply for my exclusive 1-on-1 Private Mentorship Odyssey and join me on the voyage you've been waiting on the docks for.

Begin Application Now

Land on this safe shore with me and take off your battle armor. Discover the magnetic power of an undefended heart to attract a life-enhancing revelation.


This initial journey is available to you for a duration of 3-months with me. 


On our initial deep dive, anchoring session, we will look over what prototype is shifting for you, and as an imagination engineer; I will delve deeply into the multiple levels of your reality to discover our Ports O' Call.


We may discover it’s best for you to start with a private emersion or jump straight into a long-term mentorship. We’ll trust where the flow will take us.


Whatever feels right, I guarantee our time together will be rich in insight, filled with inspiration, and deeply emancipatory .

6 cyclical manifesting milestones of my mentorship process:







By the end of your carefully planned odyssey, you will begin creating from once unimaginable levels of  spaciousness and liberated brilliance…

…To DREAMSTORM and MANIFEST your next creative chapter of entrepreneurship.

Your unfurled mentoring path with me may be to….

We are a good match if:

Trust your inner YES.
Heed the call of your creative vision, because you arrived at this life journey to finish what you started.
Apply here for this mind and heart expanding opportunity for creative advisory while seats are still available.


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We can connect by Zoom, phone, or however you choose to join this voyage of guidance.

Each fellow creator that I work with grows exponentially in 3C’s:

Clarity, Collaboration, and Commitment.

My private coaching methods are proven to illuminate the dynamic, authentic power of your vision. Clients are amazed by the lifelong metamorphosis they experience when we look into each other’s souls and feel each other’s heart-filled legacy.


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What Others Are Saying:

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"Dan is extremely detail oriented, very professional, and always progressively positive in his coaching. The greatest thing about Dan is that not only does he have amazing ideas on his own, but he has a way of pulling ideas out of his client’s heads and channeling possible paths to take those ideas and make them reality. He really cares about his clients and continues his own growth to help others in the same way. I recommend his creative mentoring to anyone looking for a talent beyond words and to truly find their DREAM ZONE!"

- Angie Brenner, Owner of All You Want Catering


"Dan is a triple-threat: a keen business strategist, a talented media producer, and a creative artist. Whether it's teaching from the stage, building programs and products, writing books, or developing web assets, he's on the mark and usually one step ahead of the pack. Dan approaches projects and partnerships with an entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do attitude, and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with him on many projects." 

-Michael Tomlinson, President and CEO at Brewer Direct Inc.


"What I learned from Dan has more than DOUBLED the income of my business from about $200K to over $425K a year. He has such an out of the box and creative approach, plus he is so supportive and encouraging with all the obstacles I was creating for myself in my business for over five years. I was spinning my wheels before I attended Imagination IQ. He is not only an expert in technical areas that I know nothing about, he also is an extremely spiritual man, and with his combination of processes, techniques and pure genius, he's helped my business to get into the 21st century effortlessly and very profitably."

- Linda Raymond, Hypnotherapist


"Dan Fowler’s mentoring was so powerful, impressive. and most, importantly, immediately useful. Many similar coaches are terrific for enthusiasm and big picture ideas. but shy on detail. In contrast, Dan's mentoring was so clear and simple, that I was able to put several of Dan's recommendations to work within the hour, and every day since. Those who are cautious creators will benefit most, but all creatives can gain from Dan Fowler’s experience and expert communication.

- Mike Mckay, Executive Producer at A Dog Barks Films

Visionary Mentorship to Fill Your Soul and Monetize Your Creative Brilliance